About Me and this Blog

Hello friends and family and welcome to my blog.  I hope you’ll find something in here that’ll help you.  More importantly, I hope that you, too, can share with me something that will make me a better business professional, a better- even if older- athlete, and a better man.

You’ll find that this blog is, well, a little all over the place.  That’s because that’s kind of how I am.  I used to see it as frustrating, but now I embrace it.  You see, although I love sports and am a self-proclaimed workout addict, I’m also kind of nerdy- in what I think is a good way.  While I love training and coaching young athletes, something my former teammates and I did for several years as a small self-sustaining business, I couldn’t see myself never wearing a suit and tie to work and presenting to and dealing with other professionals.  And while my Type A personality is perfect for Accounting and Finance (my current professional path), I actually really enjoy programming and developing applications and process flow in Microsoft Excel and Access.  See, I told you: I’m a mixed bag of nuts!

That said, along with my desire to give back and to connect with others with a passion for life, this site also serves a selfish purpose.  It gives me an outlet through which I can feed all the parts of my mind, body, and soul that I think make me who I am.

But I do know it can get confusing and messy.

So, to help keep you engaged and prevent you from reading about things you care nothing about (hopefully that’s not too much or very often as I think most of what I will talk about will be lessons for everyone), I’ve organized all of the information into three groups:

  1. Business and Process Tips– In this area, I’ll talk about my thoughts on business (strategy, leadership, finance and accounting methods), give useful tips for working with Microsoft Excel and Access, and share with and walk you through real business scenarios and successful business process solutions.
  2. Deep Thoughts and Philosophy– We all have our thoughts on life and reasons why things are as they are.  We are all motivated by different things. We all read and hear about things that steer our lives in new directions.  In this section, I share some of my beliefs, thoughts, and strategies to life.
  3. Training and Workout Tips– For those interested in getting fitter or looking better, this section is for you.  I’ve been training regularly since 1990 and want to share with others what’s been successful for me.

I hope that this organization will keep you coming back and, eventually, sharing with me your story.  And like any support group, I hope you will all share with me your Addiction to Improvement, so that we can learn and grow together.


5 Responses to About Me and this Blog

  1. This blog is impressive, interesting, informative, inspirational…all the “i” adjectives!

    Like many others during these humbling times, I am going through a new improvement phase which I plan to incorporate into a way of being. A workshop which I am attending, called “Uncover Your Calling,” is fueling my reentry into a focus on self-improvement/awareness, a path I embraced in the ’80’s (Zig Ziegler, Dyer, Covey, Canfield, etc.) The top is off of the jar and the jumping out of the comfort zone is beginning. I have never followed a blog before. This one is multi-dimensional and seems worthwhile for me. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. bbluford says:

    Thanks, Patricia. I’d love more information on the “Uncover Your Calling” workshop. And I welcome your feedback or thoughts on anything. In fact, I ask of it…from everyone. We are all on this journey together. It’s like trying to find a needle (happiness, fulfillment) in a forest (life). We have to all spread out, then let each other know what we find.

  3. Mira says:

    Hi Bobby,
    I just read your recommendation of the iPhocus app on unclutterer. Unfortunately I can’t find it. Can you help provide some direction?

  4. Bobby, I just took a look at Phocus, and I plan to try it. As a fitness specialist AND health writer, it will help me better “walk the talk” of taking breaks away from my computer. I’ll make sure break times are movement times–getting up, walking around, doing some squats–to make them even more effective and beneficial for mind and body.

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