Hao Liu

Hao went from 200 lbs. to running UltraMarathons

Hao Liu is a self proclaimed endurance enthusiast.  He trained and ran his first marathon in 2002.  After a prolonged break, he ran his second marathon in 2006 and never stopped running.  Since then, he’s run races ranging from 10K to 100 miles in distance.  In 2009, Hao joined the Brooks Sports Inc’s Inspire Daily team as a select group of individuals who are passionate about endurance sports and has been on the team since.  He’s not a certified coach, but has dedicated significant amount of time to learning and practicing of endurance training.  Outside of running, he enjoys working at a start-up very much and spends most of his spare time working on the business.


One Response to Hao Liu

  1. Laura says:


    Inspirational plus a good for you!

    Although running has been a passion of mine for over a decade the idea of a marathon was, well, past tiring. A 100-mile run, yet another good for you!

    Any tips for clumsy legs on down hills, aside from slowing down of course. I’d love to build better coordination, any thoughts on that? My core strength is very strong and I use it to help with coordination, but my coordination could still use some improvement.

    I also have a right leg, which doesn’t like to cooperate with me. I use an athletic brace to help with that. But this isn’t enough either.

    I weight train. I try to identify and target the leg muscles that could potentially further alleviate this problem, but again not completely resolved.

    I’d appreciate any of your thoughts.

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