Excel Shortcuts

Shortcut What it does
CTRL-D Copies contents from Cell above; if several cells in row selected, copies entire row above; if several rows in column selected, fills all cells with top value
Ctrl-“ Copies contents from cell above; not as flexible as Ctrl-D
Ctrl-1 Format Cells
Ctrl-Enter Select Multiple Cells, Enter a value; will enter value in all selected cells
F4 Will repeat last action. Great for repeating such things as formatting cells
F4 When placing cursor on cell reference in formula window, toggles between relative, absolute, and mixed references
Alt-E S V Paste Special/Values
Ctrl-W Close Workbook
Ctrl-Shift-1 Convert Selected Cell(s) to Number Format with 2 Decimal Places
Ctrl-Shift-2 Convert Selected Cell(s) to Time Format
Ctrl-Shift-3 Convert Selected Cell(s) to Date Format
Ctrl-Shift-4 Convert Selected Cell(s) to Currency Format
Ctrl-Shift-5 Convert Selected Cell(s) to Percentage Format
Ctrl-~ View Formulas
Alt-D F F Auto Filter
Alt-W F F Auto Freeze Selected Pane
Alt-W F R Freeze Top/First Row
Alt-W F C Freeze First Column
Alt-D F A Advance Filter
Alt + = Sums Adjacent and Contiguous Cells
Alt-F W V Print Preview
F12 Save As (filename)
Alt-F F Save As (filetype)
F2 Edit Current Cell
Shift-SpaceBar Select Full Row
Ctrl-SpaceBar Select Full Column
Shift-F11 Insert New Sheet in Current Workbook
Ctrl-P Print
Alt-O C A Fit Cells
Ctrl-D Copies and Pastes from Cell Above
Ctrl-R Copies and Pastes from Cell to the Left
Ctrl-9 Hide Row
Ctrl-0 Hide Column
Select a Range, then type in value (text, number, or formula), then press while holding the key Fills all cells with value (text or number) typed; if a formula is entered, will keep relative relationship with all references
Select a Range, then press F11 Converts selected area to chart
CTRL + Shift + % Convert cell format to percentage
ALT + D + F + F Filter
ALT + E + A + F Clear All Formatting
CTRL + Shift + L Apply Auto Filter
ALT + W + F + F Apply Freeze Pains

2 Responses to Excel Shortcuts

  1. Nice list of shortcuts. Very useful to pin on the wall.

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