Julie Manriquez

Julie's example of family and fitness is a blessing to all who follow her posts.

Julie Manriquez is a freelance writer and AFAA-trained group exercise and fitness trainer with over 24 years experience. Having taught everything from high-intensity Cardio Boot Camp to Yoga-Fit, Extreme Legs, Dance Fitness and Pilates mat classes, Julie keeps her workouts challenging and fresh for her clients. With a competitive dance background, Julie enjoys incorporating dance stylings in her varied classes. Before moving to San Diego in 1998, Julie taught middle school English and wrote for various Silicon Valley tech companies and small businesses. Julie lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband and two children.

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6 Responses to Julie Manriquez

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  4. Tom Antonelli says:

    Julie’s article “Be In The Moment” is a very thought provking ariticle. Very incisive and certainly a must read. Expositions such as this bring us closer to whom we are and/or should be.

  5. Tom Antonelli says:

    Be in the moment is a must read for all thinking people. This exposition is very incisive and leaves us thinking anew. It is an awakening to our very soul. We thank you Julie.

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