Guest Posters

God blessed me in a lot of ways.  I’m just now accepting those gifts, but that’s part of the reason for this blog, right?  Well, one thing for which I’m extremely thankful is the the wealth of love, friendship, guidance, and often times humility he’s brought to me by way of my family and friends.  From my parents who brought me into this world and provided for me a foundation upon which I continue to build myself into a man of whom they can be proud; my brother and sister who have been my biggest fans throughout my life; my many friends, coaches, teachers, and teammates who have taught me so many life lessons along the way; and the center of my world– my wife and two wonderful children.

I’m hoping to share the thoughts of many of these people who have come into my life.  In adding them as guest posters, I hope to add different viewpoints, and therefore added value, to this site.  I’m certain I will not always agree with their opinions and thoughts .  But I know for a fact that I, like you, will learn something from them.  My hope is that you, too, will join in the discussion we’ll continue to have.


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