As we get older…

I (left) had a tough time in the mud, but finished MudFactors’s 3.2 Mile Obstacle course. More importantly, with the help of my buddy and wonderful wife, I remembered what life should be about and had a blast!

As we get older, we lose a sense of what life is all about.  We’re born embracing all of the curiosity and fun that living brings.  But slowly over time, that innocent, untainted enthusiasm is chiseled away, often leaving no more inside of us than bitterness and skepticism.

Remember when you would come home from school or church and go straight outside?  I can still remember my mom yelling at me to change out of my “good clothes!”  Remember how excited you were when the boy down the street knocked on the door and asked if you could come out and play.  When we didn’t immediately weigh the request against all of the other obligations and responsibilities we had?  Remember when all that mattered is that you were outside in the sun and dirt, running around?  Remember when you weren’t worried about the report you had to finish for school the next day or the meeting you had at work on Monday morning or what you were going to make for dinner or the clothes that you still needed to wash, dry, and fold?

True, some of this is a product of just being young, naive perhaps.  And as you get older and have people dependent upon you instead of the other way around, you must naturally change your approach to life.

But a lot of us take it too far.  Most of us forget how much fun life should be, taking instead a much more serious, calculated, “responsible” approach.  Those who know me might argue I’m the poster boy for that way of thinking.  “Addicted to Improvement”, my self created tagline and brand, has often meant I take life–and myself–way, way too seriously.

I’m trying to change that, though, realizing that balance in my life is important, even necessary.  Taking time to enjoy the people and things around you is important.  And taking a moment to remember what it was like to be a kid, to forget about all of your daily responsibilities and worries, to run and play without keeping score, and to play in the mud without worrying about getting your “good clothes” dirty is absolutely important.

Thanks to my big brother’s urging, I tried snowboarding for the first time this Winter.  And thanks to my wife, I did my first run yesterday.  A mud run.  And just like when I was a bratty little kid putting holes in the brand new pair of pants my mom just bought, I had a blast!


About bbluford
I am an executive finance professional with a love for process and application development (MS Access, Excel, Quickbooks), mostly as it relates to Accounting and Business Functions. I also love to write and share ideas with other people in this world. I'm an admitted Gym Rat who works out excessively. The best summation of me is that I love to teach and to learn.

6 Responses to As we get older…

  1. Good for you Bobby! Mud run, never did that one – hmm although I don’t know if I could stand getting that dirty. As a child, growing up with two brothers, I cannot say the same. I had to at least try to keep up with them and did a pretty good job. That tomboy in me wore off as the years went on. Though after reading your posting you have inspired me to, may be, get myself good and dirty from time to time.

    • bbluford says:

      Yeah, I was kind of nervous the night before. That in itself felt good. It reminded me how it felt before gameday in college. But when I got there and looked around– and realized I was pretty much the only person listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on his iphone to get pumped–that it was really about pushing yourself, setting your own goals, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. That is worth more than I could tell you.

  2. exsp02 says:

    Bobby, that is awesome. Congratulations on the run. You are correct most of us have forgotten what it is like to be a kid. Maybe more of us should return to that way and life would be much better. Keep Unleashing your Potential.

  3. bbluford says:

    You are absolutely right! When we didn’t care what types of shoes our friends wore or what color their skin was or how much money they or their parents made….it was much better!

  4. Bobby, I have to tell you, I did my first MUD run, the Rukus Run, at the end of March and had the greatest time of my life as well! It was an amazing experience. I didn’t really have anyone to share it with except for those in the race. I will definitely do this again. This, for me, brought back the kid in me and allowed me to enjoy things I haven’t for a long time. Glad you had a great time as well. We should do one together some time. Check out my facebook, I have pictures as well from my kids.

  5. Bobby,
    You have touched a nerve! I look at kids and adults and the difference is mind boggling. When did “playing” become “working out”? When did grinning and laughing become groaning and moaning? As a former Gym Rat myself, i have just about given up the indoor gym for outdoor exercise. Please remind your followers that being in nature has its own health benefits. Take a look at “Your Brain on Nature” and “The Nature Principle,” two books by respected authors and whose work I draw on in my own work.

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