You’ve heard it before, but breakfast..

DO NOT skip Breakfast!

Breakfast is still important.  Extremely important.  The most important meal of the day, in fact.  You’ve heard it time and time again.  But need more proof?  Men’s Health gives you 3 Reasons.  They also have a great quiz to help you make the best decisions when choosing what to eat in the morning.


7 Muscle Building Mistakes

If you want to build muscle you can’t smoke and you must get lots of sleep.  Duh, right?  But what about playing hoops or going for a jog at lunchtime?  And is eating right after a workout good for you?  Learn the seven biggest mistakes people make when trying to build muscle at today’s Men’s Health article: 7 Muscle-Building Mistakes to Avoid.

All-Pro and Abs Diet Endorsements

We have three or four months before spring is here.  90 to 120 days to shed those extra pounds before we’re forced to wear shorts and tee shirts or be uncomfortably hot.  It’s also one of the last chances I’ll have to train outdoors with my shirt off without embarrassing my children— or myself— but I’ll leave that for another day’s post.

The good news is that it was about this time last year that I read two books that helped me look as good as I had probably since my college football playing days:   The All Pro Diet by Tony Gonzalez, future Hall of Fame Tight End currently of the Atlanta Falcons; and The Abs Diet by Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief David ZincZenko. Read more of this post

15 Easy Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Maybe because when I was younger it wasn’t as important, but I’ve learned in the last few years that working out isn’t enough.  Not if I really want to look in great shape.  Diet, rest, and recovery are more important now that I am almost forty than ever before.  Whereas it was naturally high 15 or 20 years ago, my metabolism needs a kick in the butt these days.  Tips like the ones in today’s Men’s Health Article: 15 Easy Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism provide useful guidance.

Jack Lalanne dies at 96

Jack Lalanne

Say what you want about the guy, but Jack Lalanne was the man!  An evangelist for fitness all of his life, he epitomized the term “Age is only a number.”  A true inspiration to all of us who care about our health, our looks (let’s be real, here), and balance in our lives; Lalanne will truly be missed.

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