Is Stress Making You Fat? The Cortisol / Belly Fat Connection

Happy March! Spring is around the corner and so are tank tops and short shorts (for the guys…let’s hope not so short shorts). For those who have accepted the challenge of resisting soda and your diet vice for ten days, congratulations! (Please see last week’s post: The comments and conversations that followed my February 22nd post were both informative and entertaining, but what I enjoyed most was your honesty.

We all have vices, whether we acknowledge them or not. Lisa’s comment about wine being a “gateway drug” that leads her to make other poor diet choices is very poignant and I’m guessing relatable to many of us. Bobby’s suggestion to break habits with small successes is spot on. We must hold attainable goals. So, simply put, the “less everyday” approach, rather than the “cold turkey” approach keeps you trending in the right direction and builds your confidence and energy, which eventually translates into activity and the production of endorphins—the feel-good chemicals released in your brain to bring you a sense of well-being. Read more of this post


You’ve heard it before, but breakfast..

DO NOT skip Breakfast!

Breakfast is still important.  Extremely important.  The most important meal of the day, in fact.  You’ve heard it time and time again.  But need more proof?  Men’s Health gives you 3 Reasons.  They also have a great quiz to help you make the best decisions when choosing what to eat in the morning.

A Different Look at Comfort Food

Comfort food is meant to do just that, comfort you. Right.  No other benefits intended.  Well, the inevitable guilt that follows is not as necessary, is turns out.  Says Men’s Health:

Men’s Health: Transform Comfort Food into Muscle-Building Fuel

Eat This, Not That! has an umbrella of useful sites, including and  Eat This, Not That! is a great resource for those looking to lose weight or just get leaner.  I encourage you to find every tool you can to make your life easier, to inspire and motivate you, and to help you grow every day.  Best of Luck!  And I’ll be checking in with you guys!