Requirements for Parents

I HATE roller coasters!

Parenting is not for the weak or faint of heart.  I mean that.  As any parent could tell you, the responsibilities are enormous.  The offspring of human beings are the most dependent for the longest period of time of any mammal.  As our children’s guardians through life, it is our duty to feed them, to clothe them, to protect and lead them.

But the most underrated of our jobs, in my opinion, is to keep the slate with which they’re born as clean and for as long as possible.  Children are born with no (mis)conception of what to expect from the world.  While this naivety can be dangerous (we don’t want them to learn the bad way that running with scissors is bad or that being hit by a car really, really hurts), it is also quite refreshing when you think about it. Read more of this post