The Brand Called You

Build and Protect The Brand Called 'You'

What comes to your mind when you hear Disney? What about Microsoft? Sony? Coke? The name DirecTV do anything for you? You don’t need to tell me, but I bet each of these conjures in you specific, even emotionally strong, thoughts and emotions. For Disney, you might picture happy children and a company that has, for years, provided beautiful, lifelong memories to adults and children alike. Microsoft? Well Bill Gates has made sure we’ve all equated the new computer age- technology advancement, in general, really- to the company he founded. With Sony, many of you may think of quality video and sound equipment such as televisions and stereos. Others may think of the efficiency with which the Japanese company is run, while still others may have negative feelings simply because it is not an American original. Coke- excuse me, Coca Cola- has been in our collective consciousness for so long that a whole brand category was created. Have you ever said “can I have a Coke”, when you really wanted a cola of any sort? I happen to prefer Pepsi, but still ask for “coke”, for some reason, when I eat out. Read more of this post