Walking Lunges

Objective: Develop strength and flexibility in quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips.

Walking Lunges

In a standing position with hands on hips or to side, reach forward, as far as possible, with right (left) leg into a lunging position. At extended position, front (reach) leg should be at a 90-degree angle to ground with quadricep (thigh) parallel to ground. Raise left (right) back leg up, with a slight bend, as high as possible toward sky. After reaching back leg as high as possible, swing it forward, still slightly bent to as high a position as possible to the front. Lower new front leg to lunging position and repeat movement.

Note: Pay special attention to keeping shoulders square (facing forward) and body in upright position throughout entire movement. Reach leg as high as possible on both front and back end of “swinging” motion. For maximum stretch of legs, be sure to reach out with front leg as far as possible.


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