Another Smash HIIT!

I didn’t eat particularly well over the weekend.  And due to a few family and work interruptions, my workouts last week weren’t anything to write home about.  So on Monday, I was angry.  And to paraphrase a famous green dude with big muscles, “you wouldn’t want to see me (workout) when I’m angry.”

I normally do my chest and legs on Monday, but since I hadn’t really done any of my body parts sufficiently well, nor had I gotten much cardio in, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to work on.  As is often the case, though, I decided on my drive over to the gym.

HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training Read more of this post


Simple Push Up(grade)

Every morning (or at least most mornings) I get up and try to immediately do a max number of push-ups and max number of sit-ups.  While doing the push-ups the other day, I stumbled upon an easy upgrade that recruits your core and abdominals more.  Read more of this post